Since 2014, this Mississippi native has cast her seduction spell on festival stages and venues all over the country!  She is the 2015 winner of "Best Improv" at Colorado Regional BurlyPicks Competition and 2016 runner-up for Most Entertaining at the ABurlyQ Burlesque Festival in Albuquerque, NM!  Now based in Woodland Park, CO, she is a regular performer with Carnivale de Sensual and Cora Vette's Racy Revue in Denver, CO as well as appearances at Circus of the Night in Colorado Springs, CO.  With fire in her eyes and ice in her veins, she shows no signs of slowing.   This Demon from the Delta has moves that can wake the dead... 1 of 3 in Trifecta: Live Performance Collective, The Voodoo Vixen of Burlesque: Ms Evangeline Cain!!

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S​he's got moves that can wake the dead...

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So what's new with Evangeline Cain?  Well.  I've been quite busy lately!  My very much beloved glitter sisters (Chairmyn Meow and Penelepe Mai'Oui) and I have begun collaborating on group numbers AND we've begun producing shows!  We are Trifecta: The Live Performance Collective!  For info on what we have brewing visit us on Facebook at

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